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What is a knowledge graph

❔W1. What is a Knowledge Graph?

❔W2. What are some Knowledge Graph data models?

How to create a knowledge graph

❔W3. How to design the schema of a Knowledge Graph?

❔W4. How to create a Knowledge Graph

❔W5. How to create a Knowledge Graph from Unstructured Input?

How to reason with and access knowledge graphs

❔W6. What are some inference algorithms for Knowledge Graphs?

❔W7. How do users interact with a Knowledge Graph?

❔W8. How to evolve a Knowledge Graph?


❔W9. What are some high value use cases of Knowledge Graphs?

❔W10. What are some implementation tools for Knowledge Graphs? What are some research issues in Knowledge Graphs?

Learning Strategies

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  • Review: review official notes, especially formulas
  • Assignment: do homework
  • Takeaways: record progress - key points
  • Application/Practice: project
  • Insights: further questioning and exploration, additional readings

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